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Slipknot Welcome To Our Neighborhood

Slipknot Welcome To Our Neighborhood

Slipknot Welcome To Our Neighborhood tracklist and details

Welcome To Our Neighborhood Cover
Welcome To Our Neighborhood

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Release Date: November 9 1999
Label: Roadrunner Records
Director: Thomas Mignone
Live Videos and Music Video
1. "Surfacing" (live)
2. "Spit It Out" (music video)
3. "Wait and Bleed" (live)
4. "Scissors" (DVD only, live)

Other content
1. Conceptual images
2. Interview footage
3. Band's home video footage
4. Over 20 minutes of exclusive video footage (DVD only)

19:38 (VHS)
28:02 (DVD)

Welcome to Our Neighborhood is the first video album by American metal band Slipknot. It was released on November 9, 1999 by Roadrunner Records and later reissued in DVD format on November 18, 2003. Characterized as a band's home video, it features a mixture of live performances footage of the songs "Surfacing", "Wait and Bleed", and "Scissors", interviews, and music video of "Spit It Out".

Additional concept imagery and interview footage is included on the film, while the DVD version features more bonus material. The video was well received by fans and entered number one on the Billboard Top Music Videos chart, and was certified platinum in February 2000.

Background Information

"Welcome To Our Neighborhood" sounds rather a generic title, but the footage itself is something else. Interviews with the band, sound bites from their first, selftitled album, 2 live performances, and one banned-by-MTV music video (a brilliant homage to the classic Kubrick film "The Shining"), the movie clocks in at not even half-an-hour, but is certainly worth it. It is perfect for introducing any metal/hardcore fan to Slipknot.

The DVD includes a music video for Scissors includes live footage of the song performed on Ozzfest in 1999 and was originally released as a home video in 1999, but was later re-released officially on DVD following Disasterpieces in 2003.

It is the clearest insight into the earlier nature of the band with no clear picture of the band members ever being shown, possibly to convey the non clear mentality of which the band members shared at the time.

DJ Sid Wilson (#0) can be heard commenting on how he doesn't think clearly with his mask on while percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan (#6) can be found inciting a roadie to punch him before Sid takes it upon himself to do it for the roadie.

A rare, non-musically introduced glimpse into the psyche of singer Corey Taylor examines the creation and circumstances that led to the men in masks, the boredom of Des Moines and the need for one to exert themselves in some shape or form.

Welcome To Our Neighborhood Trailer

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