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Slipknot Voliminal: Inside The Nine

Slipknot Voliminal: Inside The Nine

Voliminal: Inside The Nine Tracklist and Details

Voliminal: Inside The Nine
Voliminal: Inside The Nine

4 stars

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Release Date: December 6 2006
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: 2003-2005

Disk 1
The first disc of Voliminal: Inside The Nine is an 84-minute movie constructed of a mixture of live performance, backstage and studio footage. The film was shot on handheld digital cameras and features rapid edits between footage which follows no chronological order. Throughout the movie there are also ten "rabbit holes", nine of which feature additional footage for each band member respectively.

Disk 2
1. "(sic)" (The Eurockeenes Festival 2004)
2. "The Blister Exists" (WFF 2004)
3."Eyeless" (WFF 2004)
4. "Vermilion" (TMF Awards 2004)
5. "Duality" (Summer Sonic 2005)
6. "The Heretic Anthem" (Summer Sonic 2005)
7. "Pulse of the Maggots" (Summer Sonic 2005)
8. "Before I Forget" (Summer Sonic 2005)
9. "People = Shit" (Summer Sonic 2005)

This disk features Slipknot's Videos
1. "Duality"
2. "Vermilion"
3. "Vermilion Pt. 2"
4. "Before I Forget"
5. "The Nameless"


84:44 (movie only)

Background Information

Voliminal: Inside the Nine is the third video album by American band Slipknot. Released December 5, 2006 through Roadrunner Records, the 2-disc DVD set features an 84 minute movie created by band member Shawn "Clown" Crahan. The set also includes live performances, music videos from songs on the band's third studio album, and the first unmasked interviews with all of the band members.

The movie featured footage recorded from the recording of Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) through the end of the tour in support of the album spanning a total of 28 months. The DVD was promoted on various websites for the weeks leading up to its limited theatrical release. Critical reception of the album was mixed, Dawn wrote the album has "a raw sound" calling it "an audible treat for thrash and speed metal fans". Voliminal would be certified gold, platinum, and double platinum in Australia, the United States,

Disc 1, titled "Voliminal", features a 90-minute film, created and directed by M. Shawn Crahan, better known as Clown, that gives the SLIPKNOT fan a window into the world of the band as seen through the mind of its creator. The film was shot on hand-held cameras and, as a result, is brutally honest and visually unique. The sound and visual edits are intense, disturbing and jarring while the cinematography brings the viewer as close as one can get to the band. Buried in Disc 1 are nine different "rabbit holes," which, when activated, will show a short vignette of each one of the nine members of the band. Not the typical extra footage often found as "easter eggs" on the average DVD, this footage contains some of the most surprising and revealing elements on the DVD.

Disc 2 features three main elements: live footage, music videos and interviews with each member of the band. The live shows were captured at various venues around the world and show Slipknot in unique and somewhat unconventional settings. Everything from outdoor and daytime shows all the way to television award-show performances are included as are the celebrated music videos for "Duality", "Vermilion", "Before I Forget", "The Nameless", and the controversial video for "Vermilion 2", which was never officially released. Additionally, for the first time ever, fans get an up-close look at the band's "Death Masks" used onstage during this tour.

The interviews on this disc are just as groundbreaking as anything the band has ever done. After twelve years, everything is about to change. Nothing is held back and everything is discussed.

28 months
34 countries
233 shows

Voliminal Premiere and Events

Voliminal Premiere Coming Soon
voliminal premiere poster

Slipknot fans had the opportunity to experience the band's new DVD, Voliminal: Inside the Nine on the big screen, on Tuesday, December 5th.

See Slipknot like you've never seen them before in this unique one-time-only show, taking place at the following theatres:

These are the events, tickets WERE available

Atlanta, GA / Midtown Art Cinema
Birch Run, MI / Cinema Hollywood
Boston, MA / Kendall Square Cinema
Columbus, GA / Carmike 15
Dallas, TX / Magnolia Cinema
Denver, CO / Chez Artiste Theatre
Des Moines, IA / Southridge 12
Des Moines, IA / Wynnsong 16
Detroit, MI / Emagine Canton
El Paso, TX / Carmike 16
Indianapolis, IN / Keystone Cinema
Las Vegas, NV / Galaxy
Los Angeles, CA / Westside Pavilion
Minneapolis, MN / Lagoon Cinema
Nashville, TN / Thoroughbred 20
Phoenix, AZ / Arizona Mills Theatre
Salt Lake City, UT / Hollywood 15
San Diego, CA / UltraStar Cinemas
San Francisco, CA / Embarcadero Center Cinema
Seattle, WA / Metro Cinema
St. Louis, MO / Tivoli Theatre
Washington, DC / E Street Cinema

Extra Footage

There are 10 rabbit holes hidden on disc one. use the number 9 on your remote to unlock them.

8 : Corey
This one comes quick, after all the intro stuff has passed by.
The cue is someone running across the screen a few times.
At time 00:03:20 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 1)

1 : Joey
This one comes right after the static calling over radios when the band is standing in a room with the camera pans across. Just when the ominous scene is complete, the rabbit hole is available.
At time 00:01:00 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 3)

7 : Mick
A point will come up right some Blister footage that has a letter box (mail). Be quick on this one.
At time 00:03:02 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 3)

2 : Paul
After the demo scene of Vermilion, and the funky grayscale shifting seque get your buttons ready.
At time 00:08:20 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 5)

5 : Craig
Have fun laughing your ass off as Steve pukes his guts up, with the "hell ya" comments. Don't laugh past your chance though..
At time 00:04:00 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 6)

6 : mysterious 10th rabbit hole (actually number six)
A few minutes after the puke scene and after Craig's rabbit hole, Mick is in the mansion talking to the camera and then it suddenly hits for like half a second so be quick on this one!

4 : James
After the dog is barking and it shows some tripping stuff happening with grass, that is your cue.
At time 00:02:30 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 8)

3 : Chris
This is right after you see the spinning room and hear Danger, Keep Away playing.
At time 00:04:30 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 9)

0 : Sid
This one pops up almost right after Chris's hole.
At time 00:04:40 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 9)

6 : Clown
When you see the live Vermilion pt.2 video playing, get ready for the last one.
At time 00:06:50 enter #9 + Enter (This is in Chapter 9)

Voliminal: Inside The Nine Trailer

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