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Slipknot The Seed

Slipknot The Seed

The Seed

Planted in a seat of filth, degradation, distortion of truth, exploitation of visions, pungent olfactory irritation, megalomaniacal misfits and outspoken self-righteousness, this seed represents the becoming, the anti-abomination, the awareness, the full-frontal unleashing that Can't Fucking Take It Anymore.

Right-to-lifers taking lives in the name of "God".
Politicians smiling through lying, back-stabbing teeth.
Holier than-thou's pushing tunnel-visions on uncorrupted minds.
(Had Enough)
False prophets (spelled P-R-O-F-I-T-S) in league with the REAL deadly sins: Cover-ups, manipulation, strong-arming, intimidation, deviation, second-hand smokescreens, and retardation of the BIG FUK'N PICTURE.
(What the fuck...)
Teachers of our young being paid like convenience store clerks.

The seed is fierce. The seed listens.
It hears defenseless children cry out as 9 to 5 calloused knuckles beat them because one piece of cereal fell on an already dilapadated floor. It hears the anguish that the father feels at snapping on his sons or daughters because his outlook is so fucking bleak, he lashes out at his family.
It hears the prayers of teenagers who have no guidance and no encouragement, no psychological tether, because the system doesn't give one big gaping, bleeding, herpes-infested rat's ass about these poor half-full cups until they reach "Military ages." Oil and Blood for the wheel which is your government.


Those who defy will fall, those who deny will see the light or see stars, those who try to destroy will be destroyed themselves, those who demean will be dragged naked through the streets and beaten, those who try to dictate will be dealt with, and those who desecrate will be made an example of. The Monstrosity that is the sad shadow-self of society cannot be allowed to ferment and stagnate any longer. It's safe to say "divine" intervention is about a "tooth fairy/santa claus" away from happening, and those who sit on their fat asses waiting for that to happen are sloth, non-vertebrae, quivering, ignorant parts of the problem in the first place.

The seed is listening.
The seed is seething.
The seed is waiting.

And the seed is going to rip out the jugular and bleed the bloated disenchanted establishment.
Feed the seed.

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