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Slipknot Jumpsuits

Slipknot Jumpsuits

Slipknot Jumpsuit [1999]

red jumpsuit
Slipknot jumpsuit which was similar to
the original 1999 jumpsuits.
Main Jumpsuit: Red with White Graphics

The first Slipknot jumpsuit, as we know, are the ones they are wearing on the cover of the selftitled album. These were red. Shawn didn't want orange because he said they would look like prisoners.

Slipknot have worn many colours; blue, white, red, black, green and even gold. The jumpsuits which came with the self-titled album had a large barcode on the back and a small one on the left chest,and the bands logo, the Tribal-S on the left arm,and their numbers "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8" were sometimes placed on the right arm, and sometimes above the tribal-S logo on the left arm.

On some of the jumpsuits,the numbers were on the right arm.Below the barcode the number "742617000027" was written, this number is the barcode on the band's 1st album Mate Feed Kill Repeat and it is also the first track on the selftitled album.

During the All Hope Is Gone era, Slipknot reverted back to the red jumpsuits which were very similar to the original they started with. (photo above). Sid, Chris, and Shawn wore their old self-titled masks for the whole show. Corey and Jim wore their self-titled masks for half of the show and wore their All Hope Is Gone masks for the other half. Mick, Joey, and Craig wore their All Hope Is Gone masks for the whole show. An effigy of Paul Gray stood between Craig and Joey's drum kit. The effigy included Paul's self-titled mask, his self-titled jumpsuit and his left-handed bass guitar beside it. For the American leg of the tour, they wore their red Iowa jumpsuits along with some matching to their Iowa masks. The entire tour was in honor to Paul Gray.

Iowa Jumpsuit

iowa jumpsuit
Iowa jumpsuit in black & red combination.
Main Jumpsuit: Black Jumpsuit with Red logos

The IOWA jumpsuits are not very different from the old ones. Except instead of the barcode they have a goat on the chest and a Tribal S on the back. Also on the IOWA ones they have a little ribbon on the right hand with the Tribal-S logo on it (kinda like the nazis had).

The numbers on the IOWA ones are on the left hand. Also the goat on the chest was in two colours, sometimes red and sometimes it was black.

During the Iowa tours, Slipknot performed in black jumpsuits and red jumpsuits, both had very similar style with the Goat logos and were slightly different from the original self-titled jumpsuits.

Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses Jumpsuits [2004]

vol 3: the subliminal verses jumpsuit
this jumpsuit piece was smart
and the top looked like a buttoned shirt.
Main Jumpsuit: Dark with white graphics

The VOL 3 Jumpsuits have the Slipknot Star logo on the chest where the goat and the barcode were, these jumpsuits are dark blue. On the left arm appeared the band members number.

These jumpsuits change during the Vol 3 cycle and looked more formal than previously before. This jumpsuit was more like a casual buttoned shirt with cargo trousers.

Shawn Crahan 'Clown' often used to wear a tie with this jumpsuit.

All Hope Is Gone Jumpsuits [2008]

red jumpsuit
Corey wore during All Hope Is Gone
Main Jumpsuit: Random

This era of Slipknot was much harder to judge. The band all wore different clothing in the promo shots, mostly dark shirts/cargos. During the live tour, a wide variety of clothing was used; some band members appeared in jumpsuits for some tours whilst other kept the more traditional black jeans and jackets.

As the photo on the left, Corey wore a military style jacket and dark jeans. All band members wore different things but still kept the traditional numbers stitched on.

After Paul Grays death, the band performed a massive tour and performed in the red jumpsuits as seen in the self-titled photo above. They wore the red jumpsuits mostly, and it was to honor the late passing of Paul Gray, taking the band back to full circle.

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red jumpsuit
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