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Slipknot Disasterpieces

Slipknot Disasterpieces

Disasterpieces Tracklist and Details


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Additional Release Material:
Additional Audio Material -
1. Purity
2. Behind The Scenes Footage

Interactive Features:
Multiple Angels

Disk 1
1. People = Shit
2. Liberate
3. Left Behind
4. Eeyore
5. Get This
6. Disasterpiece
7. Purity
8. Gently
9. Eyeless
10. My Plague
11. The Heretic Anthem
12. Spit It Out
13. Wait And Bleed
14. (sic)
15. Surfacing

Disk 2
This disk features all of Slipknot's Videos
- My Plague
- Left Behind (Director's Cut)
- Wait and Bleed
- Wait and Bleed (Animated version)
- Spit It Out

Includes the rare bonus track Purity (which was taken off the original S/T album)


98:55 (concert only)

Background Information

corey taylor in disasterpices
Corey Taylor [Disasterpieces]

Take a Slipknot view into the world of the band as they prepare for the show. Travel with the band as they meet the maggots face-to-face.

The main body of the Disasterpieces DVD is the band's incredible live performance at their sold-out London Docklands show in February 2002. Filmed with over 35 cameras (many attached to the band's masks) it is, arguably, the most devastating concert committed to film. This amazing DVD perfectly captures the Iowan's full pyro-enhanced U.S. stage show playing all the Slipknot classics to date 'Wait & Bleed', 'Left Behind', 'Heretic Anthem', 'Spit It Out', 'Surfacing' they're all here. Also included are several multi-camera tracks, backstage peaks, interviews and all the band's promo videos to date, including the rare unseen puppet video for 'Wait & Bleed'.

The box is simple - opens to reveal two discs, and there is no book or scene/chapter index insert, as with many DVD's. The design is simple, yet effective - in the center of the two disc trays, lies the Slipknot logo. Around the first disc tray, there are photos of the band members, along with their numbers (they go by numbers on stage for anybody who didn't already know). Around the second disc tray, there are alternate photos of the band members and their names. The discs themselves are labeled with either the band members' names or numbers, and have arrows pointing to the corresponding photos.

The concert was filmed by 26 cameras, including cameras on the headstock of a guitar and a "first person" point of view of several band-members. The show was edited in part by band member Shawn Crahan who watched all of the footage recorded from the show. Disasterpieces was met with positive critical reception, with many citing the quick editing and high sound quality as strong points.

In 2005 the DVD was certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA and is the bands highest selling product to date.

The Hidden Photo Gallery

Video of hidden features on the disasterpieces dvd

1.At the main menu, on disc 2, press "09" on your remote.

2.You should see a calculator. Select either "0" or "9" and you will have accessed the gallery.

3.Press left or right to cycle through the pics.
Press select to exit

If you go to the menu on Disasterpieces, you'll see the star with little photos of the members and their numbers at every section.There is a section with every member except Sid #0.

To get into his section, go to "Concert Selection" where Paul's pic is.When you're in Concert Selection don't press anything,wait until the "Here comes the pain!" sample kicks in (note: not the 1st here comes the pain sample,the second one), when that happens, press X (PS2) or Enter (PC) and then you'll get into Sid's little mini section....Also if you press enter from there you'll get the calculator screen! - Rayma

Extra Footage

1.When watching the song "Left Behind", about half way through the song subtitles will apperar at the bottom of the screen, when this happens press the Enter button on your remote to view backstage footage of guitar techs, drum techs and more.

2.On your Disasterpieces dvd,disc 1.Choose the song (sic) from the songlist,and reward to the end of "It Begins" and when you see Corey walk unmasked at the end of "It Begins" double press (X) on your remote and you will see backstage footage of the band resting while 742617000027 is playing.

3.Choose "Sid Solo" from your songlist and when Sid is starting to scratch,dougle push (X) on your remote.Then you will see some backstage footage.

4.Choose "Joey Solo" from the songlist,but first go to "VIP" in the main menu and put the VIP on.Then select "Joey Solo" from the songlist and wait until the little RED VIP mark appears on the very right side of the screen.When that heppenes double click (X) on your remote.

5.Choose the song Surfacing from the songlist and wait or rewind until near the end where he sings the line "I am the push that makes you move!" then the VIP mark appears,when that happenes double press (X) and you will see more cool backstage footage.

6.Turn your VIP on.And go to the end of "Surfacing",wait until the song is over.And wait for the VIP mark,then push (X) when you see it at the right side of your screen.Then you will be able to see some kickass backstage footage that happenes after the show!!!! the members unmasked and the fans are crazy!......very cool.

Disasterpieces Trailer

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