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The Beginning and Beyond
Slipknot Metal was founded in 2000 by Ash. The first website was flash based with the use of Moonfruit shortly started to charge its users a monthly fee and on September 28 2002 i decided to code the site in HTML and was hosted on a variety of free hosting service providers.

The Versions

In 2003, version 2 was released which was a huge improvement on Version1. Although i still hated it! So i quickly made another site later that year, and version3 was released. This layout started to get my site noticed and was improved again with version 3.5 since i didnt like the colour scheme.

Version 4
was then made about a year later during the summer of 2004. This layout was the break through the website needed and was so popular that Slipknot Metal instantly became one of the biggest fansites on the web, and we instantly moved servers to cope with demand.

During 2004-2008, alot of minor layout changes were made and the site is more popular than ever hosting a lot of information about the band.

In July 2008, after numerous layout attempts and development of over 8 weeks, Slipknot Metal finally released version 5.0, which we think is a step in the right direction . We feel we needed a new website to celebrate the release of the new Slipknot album: All Hope Is Gone and to honor that fact, the layout infact is called, All Hope Is Gone. The website is coded and written so much better and fluently. We've added tons of great new scripts to the Lyrics pages to make the page more user friendly. More new pages have been written such as the Nonagram and Slipknot Song list, etc.

(see layout pictures at bottom of page) Version 5.1 was created about 2 weeks after the initial 5.0 header was made and before the version 5.0 was put online. We basically re-done the header so it was better and more sic. We replaced corey with an awesome pic of Craig and a re-designed Nonagram in the middle. We also added a shoutbox back to the site and moved the photos script to the footer because the side bar was getting cluttered.

Version 6.0 was released and updated to run much cleaner anfd faster, with the use of less images and graphics. The color scheme was also slightly less dark with more gray colours used.

Version 7.0 (current version) was started during my break over Christmas 2013. This design and content took well over a month to complete and get right. Whilst designing the website, Slipknot announced they would get back together in 2014. DUring this time, the website was altered and tweaked. The current version was not online until July 2014 and not completed fully till August 2014. Version 7.0 was codenamed 'v2014'. This layout, we decided to go for something completely different in terms of look, with a much lighter color scheme, whilst adding more useful scripts to make the site as fast and user friendly as possible. Things like our facebook and twitter pages are now incorporated into the layout. Every page has been edited and more information on the band has been added, we are constantly updating pages.


The goal is to provide the latest news, the most unqiue pictures and an extensive video gallery for viewing and downloading. Slipknot Metal will and still is Spreading the Sickness to each new maggot that enters our site. Slipknot Metal will continue to run from years to come, aslong as Slipknot are still respected by all you fucking sic maggots.

Where are we?
Slipknot Metal is a UK fansite. We are not affiliated in any way to the band or roadrunner records.

Expansion / Side Projects
Since Slipknot Metal got so big, that in the summer of 2004, i decided to release two new websites for Stone Sour and Murderdolls. Instead of cluttering up the main Slipknot site. These are just Side Projects websites. so are not updated as much as Slipknot Metal, but they are a great resource if you want to follow Stone Sour and the Murderdolls.

Please check them out

Other Info
Slipknot Metal is currently hosted on POWWEB

PowWeb Hosting - Only $3.88 per month!

layout history

Layouts 1-3 are not proper screenshots because these were taking from web directories and not all images were still in existence (because we dont have the files anymore) so we've tried to get a good shot of our earlier website. Version 4.0 and above are exactly as seen.  

Version 1 (SPLASH)
slipknot metal version 1

Version 2. (first crack at html)
slipknot metal version 2

Version 3 (dump - all images weren't available)
slipknot metal version 3

Version 3.5 (dump - all images weren't available)
slipknot metal version 4

Version 4
slipknot metal version 4.5

Version 4 (SPLASH)
slipknot metal version 4.5

Version 4.5
version 4.5

Version 5.0
version 5

Version 5.0 (SPLASH)
version 5 splash

Version 5.1
version 5.1

Version 5.2
version 5.2

Version 6.0
version 6

Version 7.0 [current]