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Slipknot Sid Wilson Profile

Slipknot Sid Wilson Profile

Background and Facts

Real Name: Sidney George Wilson
Nicknamed "Monkeyboy"

Sid Wilson (born Sidney George Wilson on January 20, 1978 in Des Moines, Iowa) is a turntablist for the musical group Slipknot. He is the youngest band member in Slipknot. Sid also tours as DJ Starscream, a name taken from the popular 1980s television show Transformers (of which he has the shows symbols tattooed on the backs of his hands). He is currently signed to Japanese/US label Nitrous Oxide (N20) Records. He performs jungle music. He has a big following in Japan, as most of his CDs are released there first and recently callobrated with The Mad Capsule Markets vocalist Kyono on a song called 'HAKAI(Deathtroy)' for the Deathnote movie soundtrack He currently is involved with Ampt, with fellow N20 artist Rob Gee and The Sound Proof Coalition, whom he used to be a member of.

Sid is a sick son of a Bitch.
He's really sarcastic, and he claims he suffers from 'organic brain syndrome'.
Sid and Shawn maintain a rivalry, which usually breaks out as violence on stage.
Sid is definitely one of the craziest people in the band, he has stage dived from a 2 storey balcony.
Sid is the youngest of the band.
Joey describes Sid as a "lady's man" .
Sid's family is from England.
Sid is the crowd surfer of the band. He's not the only member that does, but he'll do some crazy shit.

Sid was born with 6 fingers on each hand, they were amputated at birth, Shawn: "They cut off his goddamn fingers cos society doesn't like them. Think what a DJ he coulda been with those extra fingers! We've been deprived of that cos of those motherfuckers!"

Rumour: When asked what hobbies he had he responded: "snowboarding, sculpting with clay and cooking."

Band he would most like to play/tour with: "It wouldn't go in with the genre of Slipknot, but me personally, it would be the Beastie Boys. At the point where I got into DJing, break dancing and hip hop, the Beastie Boys were a big part of that . I have always listened to them."


Music Influence

Sid's musical Influences:
1.  Grandmaster Flash  
2.  DJ Jazzy Jeff  
3.  DJ Cash Plenty  
4.  Invisible Scratch Pickles Crew  
5.  Executioners (formerly the X-Men)  
6.  S.P.C. (scroll down for more about SPC)

Best Concert: The first time I saw Slipknot. I was going to try out for the band, so I went to a show here in Des Moines, Iowa. This was a few years ago. When I saw them, I knew I had to be in this band.  
First Concert: When I was three years old, my family went to the Iowa State Fair and saw Sheena Easton.  
Performance: Most recently was our last London show. They had this huge balcony twenty-five feet high. I stood on top of the railing and jumped off backwards with my body straight and my arms out to the side. The crowd caught me.  
Moment in the studio: I think Purity. There was a lot of emotion, vibing up each other, and taking it to the next level. It just kind of happened.  


Other Shit

1.  Drunken Master 2  
2.  Black Mask  
3.  Man on the Moon
4.  Evil Dead  
5.  Evil Dead 2
6.  Army of Darkness
7.  Phantasm  

Current Albums:
1.  Hed: Drool
2.  Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile

1.  Belly  
2.  Black Mask  

Quote - "Wearing this mask prevents the oxygen from going to my skull. I get hallucinations and stuff. Half the time, I don't know what's going on around me. Its up to the clown to intimidate me and keep me in line."
"My name's Sid, I'm the DJ guy, I'm the filth epitome, #0"

Rumour: On a Howard Stern show, Sid wanked in the corner of the room - make of it what you will.

Mask - Sid wears a variety of gas masks and has around 8 which all have names.
MEANING: "That's too much of a deeper conversation to get into. You need much more time to ask me a question like that, Another time."

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