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Slipknot Chris Fehn Profile

Slipknot Chris Fehn Profile

Background and Facts

Christopher Michael Fehn was born February 24, 1972 and is one of two percussionists in the nu metal band Slipknot. Chris uses a Pinocchio style mask, which has been seen in many different colors and styles with the nose of the mask always staying at 71⁄2 inches (about 19 cm) long. Chris's mask is most likely based on the masks worn by doctors during the Black Plague, where the nose was filled with herbs to 'protect' the doctor from inhaling the fumes of death, or possibly on the mask Alex wore during the rape scene from the film A Clockwork Orange. Chris likes to simulate masturbation with the nose of his mask during shows. Chris was a college football kicker before the start of Slipknot. He does most of the backup vocals together with Shawn "Clown" Crahan, but bassist Paul Gray also performs them in many live songs.

Chris is known as the soft spoken joker of the band. I mean, really... how could he not be with that mask?

Chris is the co-drummer and also the first percussionist.

Chris is the comedian of the band and on the bonus tracks of the self titled album he can be heard puking (within his initiation test).

Rolling Stone has described him as the most handsome and wholesome member of the band.

Chris enjoys "jacking off" his nose, he can be seen doing this in not only the Spit it Out video but also in many interviews and on Conan O'Brien.

There are also rumours that Chris is the original member of slipknot cuddles, THIS IS NOT TRUE!


Other Shit

Chris actually owns 5 types of masks which are mostly different colors. His best-known mask is the regular tanned leather mask used during the Iowa tour and videos. Another well known mask is Fehn's red mask used mainly in the Subliminal Verses tour.

Chris told a local interviewer backstage at Slipknot's second Ozzfest show: "This mask reflects my comic personality. Plus I chose it for the bondage factor. When you put it on, it takes you to another place. It's very hot, it's very tight, and it hurts — that goes along with the aggression we create." In a more recent interview in London Fehn claimed that "The smell gets worse, it smells like puke, sweat and something else I'm not sure of."

Quote - "This mask reflects my comic personality. Plus I chose it for the bondage factor. When you put it on, it takes you to another place. Its very hot, its very tight, and it hurts - that goes along with the aggression we create."

Mask - Chris wears a bondage type Pinnochio mask, with a nose about 7-8 inches long. He has several different versions of this mask. MEANING: "At the moment I have absolutely no idea what this mask means because it's a long time since I had this fucking thing on, but I'll figure it out real fucking quick. Oh but it's all so good..."

Old Bands: Chris was previously in a band called "Shed".

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