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Slipknot Des Moines, Iowa

Slipknot Des Moines, Iowa

des moines iowa

The home of the 9 piece nu-metal band Slipknot. The middle of no-where, but yet Slipknot come through to spread the sickness to the whole fucking world of all u maggots.

Ok, so Slipknot are from Des Moines Iowa, the "Black hole" of America.

"The crazyist people live in Des Moines, Iowa and not alot of people know this but they're going to now" [Corey #8]

People Ask me: "Why des moines?"
I say: "Why not, you ignorant motherfucker!" [ Shawn #6 ]

The second album ofcourse is called Slipknot Iowa and this is because of their home town is called Iowa.


Iowa History and Information

With a City population approaching 200,000 and a metro population of nearly 500,000, Des Moines offers some of the nation's best schools, superb public services, and friendly, caring neighborhoods.

Largest cities:
Des Moines: 194,163
Cedar Rapids: 120,758
Davenport: 98,359
Sioux City: 85,013
Waterloo: 68,947
Iowa City: 62,220
Council Bluffs: 58,268
Dubuque: 57,686
Ames: 50,731
West Des Moines: 46,403

In the United States, Iowa ranks:
First in Soybean production
First in Egg production
First in Corn production
First in Hog production
Eighth in Cattle & Calf production
Twelfth in Milk production

Iowa has three state universities, 62 public and private colleges and 28 community colleges.

Geography and Climate
Iowa is centrally located in the heart of North America, a welcoming place to stop and visit. With the Missouri River to the west and the Mississippi to the east, Iowa is the only state bordered by two navigable rivers.
A farm north of Sibley in Osceola County marks Iowa's highest point, 1,670 feet above sea level. Conversely, Iowa's lowest point is at the confluence to the Des Moines and Mississippi Rivers in Lee County, 470 feet above sea level.
Iowa's four distinct seasons provide a wide range of temperature variation through the year - a perfect place to celebrate summertime sunshine and winter wonders!

The largest source of personal income for Iowans is manufacturing, followed by services, retail/wholesale trade and government.

Producing food, fuel, clothing and medicine for the world, agriculture is a leading industry in Iowa, a state with more than 97,000 farms. One Iowa farm family grows enough food and fiber to feed 279 people, one-fourth of whom live overseas.

iowa state map


Interview Clip with Joey, Shawn and Corey

What is wrong with Des Moines? so wrong that a band such as Slipknot was formed?
Joey: "We were raised in an environment where you had to develop your own sense of individuality. I had 16000 imaginary friends, I had my own fucking army!"

Corey: "When your growing up, there is nothing for kids to do, You develop destructive behaviour, just from the fact that the only thing to do is break shit."

Shawn: "There's a lot of love in this town" - the city has good morals and educational system and the band do not hate the town. "However, there's a lot of hate and fucked up emotions too. Our detractors told us we were diseased from a very young age. Instead of dying we created our own vaccine in the form of Slipknot."

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