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Slipknot Concert Review: Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]

Slipknot Concert Reviews

The Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Concert Review: USA, Grand Rapids, Michigan DeltaPlex Arena

Date: 15th October 2005
Tour: Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]
Country, Arena: USA, Grand Rapids, Michigan DeltaPlex Arena

Review: My friends and i got to the slipknot concert at a perfect time! we hung out with some 20 year olds in the parking alot! they kicked ass. so, we got into the concert i got my shirt took a huge piss and then got to the front of the concert. Dilinger escape plan came on first...everything was to loud i couldn't hear his voice and the guitars were to loud to know what was going on...but their guitarist was good as hell. they played for about a half hour...then 15 min. later unearth came on...FUCKIN KICKED ALL ASS! mosh's everywhere!!!! they played for a half hour...then 15 min . later the curton fell down and everyone sreamed! then you could hear slipknot practicing...and mick was fuckin playing and it was could hear joey fuckin around. everyone was getting ready. then i heard prelude 3.0 start (i got chills while typing this thinking about it) the whole audience sang the song...then it stopped and i heard a guitar started and i saw them all standing their and corey jumped in the air then BLISTER EXSISTS! just started to play and the curton fell and a huge mosh started and everyone sang the song. then when shawn and chris did the lil drum part i looked straight into corey's eyes (i was in the front) then the song finished and (sic) just started to play and i was moshing then 5 people fell on me and i heard was "EVERYONE STOP! GET UP GET UP!" and some big dude helped me get up. so, after (sic) corey was like "GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN! MAKE SOME FUCKIN NOISE!!!" then they started with Disasterpeice and i fuckin went crazy! after that he asked if the audience wanted to help him sing...then before i forget was awesome! then corey said "grand rapids, we all got left behind" and left behind started then after that he was saying like "holy motherfuckin shit grand rapids! you guys are fuckin loud as hell tonight! i think you loosended my fillings! but let me ask you a many of you have the IOWA ALBUM?! good, well let me tell you a story about this song...we wrote this when all the industry mother fuckers said we were a fluke and were nothing but fuck them! you kept us alive! so this song is to all the talentless motherfuckers! they can choke on their own blood for all i fuckin care...SO THIS SONG IS CALLED THE HERETIC ANTHEM!!!!!" it was insane! then he asked if we wanted to help him sing duality and we all did. then he said "grand rapids michigan, people....equal...SHHHHIIIITTTT and i started a mosh with that song! i fuckin screamed every god damn word!!! then he said how fuckin crazy is grand rapids? we'll take the test...its time for...SPIT IT OUT!!!!! and of course he asked us all to sit down and jump yje fuck up to spit it out...THE WHOLE PLACE WAS A MOSH PIT! then corey was like we know how lodu you guys about quiet? shh.... then played wait and bleed and everyone sang. then corey said ok bye everything went black then 5 min later i heard laughing and corey says you didnt think we would leave without saying bye did you?!!!! then he said mr.7 start this song for us! and they played get this...then the last song was surfacing which corey said GET ALL YOUR MOTHERFUCKIN MIDDLE FINGERS IN THE FUCKIN AIIIRR!!!!! and somewhere before a song i think it was before i forget corey said on of our brothers is gone, jim root...he broke his wrist and thumb but hes ok..he went to the docters and hes fine! i forgot, but they played more songs and corey more things i beileve. but alot of people were nice their and alot were assholes. and the shirt i bought now smells like beer, pot, sweat, and smoke. its nasty. i was in so many mosh pits, i got...punched in the face, stomach, slammed whole body hurts. and i can hardly hear my ears are still ringing. the concert was the best thing that has EVER happend to me!!! LONG LIVE SLIPKNOT!!!! THE BEST FUCKIN BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review: 10/10
Doug Schelske

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