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Slipknot Concert Review: Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]

Slipknot Concert Reviews

The Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Concert Review: USA, Grand Rapids, Michigan DeltaPlex Arena

Date: 15th October 2005
Tour: Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]
Country, Arena: USA, Grand Rapids, Michigan DeltaPlex Arena

Review: I got to the concert at about 5:00 and got a perfect spot in line, as i was waiting i was talking to alot of maggots about the previous shows they saw...since this was my first concert of my life i was pretty pumped. the doors opened and every rushed in, i got my shirts and got padded down. as we walked in i got to the front with my friends. stood around for an hour and a half then Dillinger escape plan came out, i couldnt hear the singer say anything...not a good performance but still a decent band. they played for a half hour. then unearth came on...they got everyone pumped, amazing show! especially with lamb of gods singer singing along too!! they also played a half hour. then, slipknot came on like 30 min. later the curton dropped and prelude 3.0 played..everyone got going crazy! then, you could slowly see the members...then blister exists kicked in and the curton fell. instant mosh pits!

the set list goes as follows:
Prelude 3.0
Blister exists
Before i Forget
Left Behind
Pulse Of The Maggots
Heretic anthem
Wait and bleed
Spit it out (with jump the fuck up)
get this

Slipknot was fuckin amazing! i give the concert 10/10!

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