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Slipknot Concert Review: The Subliminal Verses Tour 2005

Slipknot Concert Reviews

The Subliminal Verses Tour 2005 Concert Reviews


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Concert Review: USA, St. Paul, Minnesota 2005

Date: 24th April 2005
Tour: Subliminal Verses Tour 2005
Country, Arena: USA, St. Paul, Minnesota

Review: The concert started at 7:00 pm at the Excel Energy Center. Shadows Fall and Lamb of God didn't do much for me because they got nothing that compares to Slipknot. But when Slipknot got on stage it was kick ass. Even with the absence of Paul the show still kicked our ass.

The performance started with a couple songs off of the Subliminal Verses cd, but then Slipknot started getting into the old sic shit. It was kick ass. Songs like Sic, Left Behind, People=Shit, and Heretic Anthem totally rocked the Excel. We were asked to sing Duality just for Paul which was kick ass. Joey of course had his solo which was mind blowing. Getting to the end of the concert Wait and Bleed was played and then the legendary Spit it Out.

Spit it Out was crazy as hell due to the getting everyone on the floor ritual. Soon after our new national anthem was sung which was surfacing and what an ending that was. The song totally kicked our asses for the last time that night and it was one to remember.

If Slipknot is coming to your town you better make sure you go and check them out because this concert really kicked ass. 10 out of 10 definitely. STAY SIC, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF….. GOODNIGHT!

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