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Slipknot Concert Review: Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff 2008

Slipknot Concert Reviews

European 2008 Concert Reviews


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Concert Review: Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff

Date: 5 December 2008
Tour: European Tour 2008
Country, Arena: Cardiff International Arena, Wales, UK
Support Bands: Children of the Bodom; Machine Head

Set List:
# Surfacing
# The Blister Exists
# Get This
# Before I Forget
# Liberate
# Disasterpiece
# Dead Memories
# Psychosocial
# The Heretic Anthem
# Prosthetics
# Spit It Out
# Duality
# Only One
# Encore:
# (515)
# People = Shit
# (sic)

Rating: 9/10

Review: I missed Children of Bodom (because i dont like them), but caught most of the Machine Head act from the back. Played a few old bone crunching songs which were brutal. Alot of Machine Head fans were here since the floor was almost empty after their GIG!.

Slipknot come on and blew the crowd away. Sid was his usual crazy self hanging off Clowns kegs and running up and down the stage. Clown was pretty cool; especially when he went to the back of the stage and starting playing with the "S" logo decorations (maybe he was bored? lol). Didn't really see much of Craig and Paul. Jim and Mick wandered about the stage at some points. Favourite live was Sid; just crazy. Corey was his usual self and put on a great show. The funniest part was when the band did Spit It Out, and everyone in the pits in Cardiff were too busy throwing plastic bottles around; in which the Band left the stage for a few minutes in disgust. Corey come back on and was pretty mad and calling us all "douche bags" and "well done, you can throw a plastic fucking bottle", now "quit playing fucking volleyball". Finally got the song playing and the "JumpDaFuckUp" was insane. Good Show Overall. Happy with the setlist, although i think a few more songs like Eyeless, Wait and Bleed, Left Behind and a few more Vol 3 songs would have been awesome. Not really a big fan of Get This, Prosthetics and Only One.

Really hope these guys come back to the UK soon as possible!

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