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Slipknot Concert Review: Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]

Slipknot Concert Reviews

Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Concert Review: COLUMBIA, Bogotá Colombia Simón Bolívar Park

Date: 18th September 2005
Tour: Subliminal Verses Tour 2005
Country, Arena: COLUMBIA, Bogotá Colombia Simón Bolívar Park

Review: The whole weekend started great. Me and three friends went to the airport to receive Slipknot. We waited for five hours and finally we saw Shawn and Corey. Shawn seemed kinda mad so we ran toward Corey. We were the only ones in the whole airport that knew who was him. One of my friends, that doesn´t even speak English, hug him and said “Welcome to Colombia”, Corey responded the hug and then another friend did the same. He signed my Disasterpieces DVD and my Stone Sour Cd and took pictures with everyone of us. I just have to say he is a supernice guy, more that we were expecting, we were just in shock and shaking, I asked him if they were going to do the Spit It Out jump thing and he said “Si, si, si”. We waited for the rest of the band but none else came out. The next day was the show. We had to see two supporting lame bands called Primal and Koyi k Utho and believe me , you don´t know the meaning of the term “lame band” until you see Colombian bands, they suck. Finally after a long wait, Slipknot`s gear was put up and the crowd screamed when they saw the drum kits, it was really cool. “Prelude” started sounding. Sid was the first one that came out and suddenly we were listening to The Blister Exists. Oh, it was awesome. Corey spoke in Spanish and interacted with the crowd in a way I hadn´t seen before in any show by a foreign band. He said that they will come back, that he is going to tell other bands to come to Colombia and just blew our heads up. Clown and Chris moved around the stage and James did the same (he was particularly energetic). We barely saw Joey because of his drum kid but what his playing sounded like a machine gun. 133 didn´t do much but his improved mask was really cool and his head banging looked great. Sid was nuts. He crawled up on of the stage columns real high but he didn´t do any crowd surfing (it was better that way because if he would had jumped into the crowd he probably wouldn´t got out). Mick and Paul also did their part making the crowd scram.

Set list:
# Prelude (Cd)
# The blister exists
# (Sic)
# Disasterpiece
# Before I Forget
# Left Behind
# Vermillion
# Eyeless
# Duality
# Everything Ends
# People = Shit
# Spit It Out
# The Heretic Anthem
# Wait and Bleed
# Surfacing
During Spit it Out they did the sit down thing but people didn´t understand when Corey wanted them to jump so they did it early and Corey stopped singing, laughed, explain again and the next time people got it right. Slipknot is the coolest band in the world. Rating = 10

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