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Slipknot Concert Review: Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]

Slipknot Concert Reviews

Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Concert Review: CANADA, Toronto, Ontario - Air Canada Centre

Date: 25th October 2005
Tour: Subliminal Verses Tour: The Final Volume [2005]
Country, Arena: CANADA, Toronto, Ontario - Air Canada Centre

Review: I'll start by stating that this was my very first Slipknot concert and had to take a 14 hour bus ride to get to ....BUT IT WAS ALL EXTREMELY WORTH IT!!!!!

My friends and I went to the ACC at around 2:30 pm to get in line, as we had general admission floor tickets and wanted to be as close as possible. There were about 30 people there already, a few clad in masks and jumpsuits, and they were already super pumped for the concert. Some people started chants, some sang Slipknot lyrics, some yelled at walkers by , and one group even started a spit pile for whatever bizzare reason ( kinda gross )! Any way after 4 hours of eagerly waiting in the cold the security began checking people through. After a quick frisk( in which i was able to hide my camera ) we were in!

We walked down the stairs where they again checked our tickets before allowing us to enter the floor area. When I saw just how few people were already there i couldn't believe it!! I was gunna be front row!!! My friends and I ran toward the stage and claimed our spots! By this time i had to go to the washroom, but there was no way i was moving so i dealt with it! It was still about another hour before Unearth came on, so we took the chance to get to know a few people near us.

Enough of the unimpotant detail now we get to the music! The first set was filled by Unearth! A very good band in their own right! The singer managed to get the crowd jumping and moshing in no time. The guitarists were absolutely great too , running from place to place on the stage on really giving it their all. One part of their set however that really stood out was during one song the 2 guitarists and the bassist stood in a circle and played a their riffs, then finished the riff of the person next to them by tapping the other persons guitar (sorry if this explaination is kinda hard to picture) But at any rate it was just something really cool that I personally have never seen before. The true highlight of Unearths set though was Corey Taylor, oddly enough! Slipknot's frontman decided to come out and have some fun. He had a hat on a cup of ??? in his hand, NO MASK, no shirt, and had his pants pulled low so his ass crack was showing! He walked out and stood by the guitarist for a while made some funny faces then stumbled back of the other side of the stage. As he was leaving the guitarist pretended to swipe Corey's butt with his finger then smell it, again kinda gross but very funny!! ( PS i caught a water bottle thrown out by the singer)

After a few minutes of setup (during which a guitar rack with about 8 guitars and one beer funnel was rolled out) on came As I Lay Dying! Another good band in their own way! slightly less animated than Unearth but also did a good job of getting the crowd going. They played about a 40 minute set then left by asking who was there to see Slipknot!! Also I saw Shawn hangin around the side of the stage during this break.

This break was welcomed as the floor was already pretty crazy and it was getting very hot! As the crew was setting up a white curtain dropped and hid the work! Another 20 minutes of waiting then final the lights when out and the crowd cheered!!

The very first reaction I had was ???? what is this? I soon realized though, that Slipknot had decided to open by having Richard Cheese's jazzy cover of People=Shit play while they stood behind the curtain! Then as the song ended a loud scream, the boom of a guiatr and a flash of lights greeted the crowd as the curatin fell! It was a surreal feeling, being sooooo close to the greatest band of all!! They then proceeded to play the real version of People= Shit, which was outstanding!! The band was really alive runnig from place to place and head banging like crazy! Un fortunatley I can't remeber the set list in order so I'll jus give some notes and a list of the songs played at the end of the review!

Though it wasn't easy I managed to use up all my film very quickly ( unfortunately they didn't turn out cuz i was too close and the lights were too bright)! The lifters on Shawn's drums seemed higher than ever going up wat looked like 10 feet or more skyward!

After a few songs Corey gave a liitle update on the out of commission James Root. He said he was out with the broken wrist and thumb and was recouperating in Des Moines. Then he saud that when Jim got hurt there was only one thing to do and that was cancel and followed that with " And there was no fuckin way we were gunna do that!!" Then he dedicated the next song to Jim and the set continued!

Sid, despite not crowd diving was still awesome! He hung upside down off Shawn's 10 foot high drum kit as it spun and kept jumpin off his and Craigs 15 foot high stations in the back! Chris didn't have lifters on his drums but jus hydraulics to tilt them. Sid mounted the kit then as the began to rock he looked like he was riding a mechanical bull, it was crazy!!

The next speech Corey gave started by sayin that for years the music industry had been trying to kill Slipknot, and that after the second album everyone said Slipknot was done, finished, dead. Then He said " But They don't make us...YOU MAKE US!" "We don't leave anytrhing behind when we come out here, we take everything we are out here for you!" He concluded by saying the next song was written for all the"poison, the filth, the souless mother fuckers in Hollywood who try and tell you what to listen to and what to like!! This song is called the HERETIC ANTHEM!!!" This song was played with great intensity!!

The next major thing was Joey's outsatnding drum solo. The rest of the band left the stage it went black and a "Joey" chant started. The drum solo was played a little different but was changed for the better, as usual the drum set lifted spun and flipped.....absolutely sIc!!

After a couple more songs agian it went dark and the band left. I stated a Slipknot chant fearing they cut the set short...but the Corey gave a "Shhhh" which didnt work then he said "We can wait. we'll make up the time later." which drew more cheers. After a while the crowd silenced and Corey took the chance to thank Unearth and As I Lay Dying.

Then the set continued Corey had us help open Duality by singing. During duality Shawn threw the bat over to Corey who then hit the keg playing the part of Shawn then threw it back, it looked really cool they did it real smooth!

Spit it out was insane...the entire place hunched down for the signiture " JUMP THE FUCK UP!!!" The hightlight of the night!!
Once again Slipknot left in the darkness, then returned to play a few more songs as the encore!! during which the 9.0 Live curtain in the back dropped and reveiled a new Slipknot curtain. During Eyeless he through in a "WE LOVE YOU ALL!" for the crowd...a nice touch.
Before the final song Corey said he wanted everyone to sing so that people could hear us ten miles away....and we came through this song was a great last very intense.

Then everyone but Shawn, Chris, Joey and Sid left. They did not perform but played Danger- Keep Aawy as the through out drumsticks and frisbees. Then it was over!
I was drenched in sweat from all the jumping and fighting to keep my spot but it was all very worth it!!

Set list (not in order):
People = Shit
Wait and Bleed
Spit it out
The Heretic Anthem
Left Behind
The Blister Exists
Pulse of the Maggots not performed
Danger- Keep away

Definately reccommend catching one of their shows. Rate ---- 10 out of 10
Submitted by Shawn

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