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Slipknot Biography

Slipknot Biography

Our Slipknot biographries consist of 4 different era's. We currently have 4 Slipknot biography to read from

Slipknot started in September 1995 with Anders (Colsefni) and Shawn (Crahan). Anders and Shawn hung-out all the time, they would play Werewolf: The Apocalypse (RPG) all the time (where much of the lyrics came from for MFKR).... (read full bio)

FULL Slipknot
Forming in mid-1995, Slipknot endured the necessary growing pains and lineup changes before arriving at what they now call "a family unit." Within a year, they'd recorded, self-released and self-distributed their debut, "Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat,"... (read full bio).

Iowa is probably best known as "the middle of nowhere." Most non-residents consider the corn-and-pig-state a geographical black hole. Since rock'n'roll's dawning in the early '50s, Iowa has had no singular voice to put on the musical map. Naming a significant musical entity from the state is inarguably a fruitless task; it simply can't be done... (read full bio)

VOL 3: The Subliminal Verses
"What I want to know is can you watch something that can change you?" That is the question posed by Slipknot's M. Shawn Crahan, more commonly known as Clown. With one view of Slipknot's latest DVD, Voliminal: Inside The Nine, you will be shaken, jarred and have your attention arrested. And yes, to answer Crahan's question, you will be changed, because Slipknot are that type of band.... (read full bio)

All Hope Is Gone
"Songs like "Sulfur" and "Psychosocial" deliver crushing verses and bridges, but then explode into soaring choruses that provide a powerful showcase for Taylor's voice. The song "Vendetta" features a sleazy, rough-and-tumble kind of swagger, but still delivers Slipknot's trademark balls-out fury. And "All Hope Is Gone" just spews raw anger, aggression, hate and foulness that serves as a reminder to anyone still stupid enough to harbor doubts that Slipknot are experts at delivering pure, heavy-metal punishment"..... (read full bio)

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