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Day of The Gusano
Slipknot: ‘Day of The Gusano’ Documentary Trailer
SLIPKNOT Will Spend 'The Next Year' Writing Songs - Album Expected 2018
Get Your Slipknot Mask For Halloween
Get Your Slipknot Mask For Halloween
.5: The Gray Chapter Gold-Album Plaque Unveiled
.5: The Gray Chapter Gold-Album Plaque Unveiled
Clown launches his own website
Slipknot’s Shawn “Clown” Crahan Launches His Own Official Website
Slipknot’s Corey Taylor To Appear On Next Korn Album

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Sid Wilson (Aka SID, DJ Starscream) has signed an exclusive recording contract with Sono Recording Group (SRG) with digital distribution by Spotify. The Des Moines, Iowa native Wilson is the first turntablist to earn a Grammy Award.

Wilson will also be developing artists for the label through his company Sid The 3rd Productions, LLC.Sid Wilson has performed as a solo artist under his stage names "Sid" and "DJ Starscream" since 2003. The latter is derived from a character of the same name of the "Transformers" franchise. Tattooed with various "Transformer" images, Wilson wears a "Transformers"-inspired mask when performing as "DJ Starscream." The music he performs is an original blend of EDM, electronica, jungle, hip hop, nu metal, and alternative.

Sid Wilson first made his mark as "DJ Starscream" in Japan, where he is also signed with Japanese label N2O Records. His collaboration with THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS vocalist Hiroshi Kyono on a song called "HAKAI (Deathtroy)", released on "The Songs For Death Note The Movie", a tribute album dedicated to the live action movie for the second "Death Note" film, has garnered Wilson a strong following in Japan.

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Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOTSTONE SOUR) was interviewed on the February 7-9 edition of Full Metal Jackie's nationally syndicated radio show. You can now listen to the chat using the Podbean widget below. An excerpt from the chat follows.

Full Metal JackieCorey, some great songwriters say the creative process is an excruciating and difficult task. Others say they're just fortunate to be channeling some divine inspiration. Which is it for you?

Corey: Well, it's nothing that cool [laughs], you know? I don't know. I think it comes down to what you wanna say. Because I'm kind of lucky in the fact that I can take something that's in my head and write it down, or I can listen to a piece of music that somebody else has written and try to tap into what the music's saying, and just kind of follow that, you know. I mean nine times out of 10, I'm just kind of following where the music takes me. So, I don't know…

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Singer/bassist Mike Dean and singer/drummer Reed Mullin of hardcore punk veterans CORROSION OF CONFORMITY recently joined forces with a number of well-known musicians from the metal and hardcore scenes to create the new project TEENAGE TIME KILLER.

The instrumental parts for the upcoming debut release from TEENAGE TIME KILLER, which is named after a RUDIMENTARY PENI song, were recorded at Dave Grohl's (FOO FIGHTERSNIRVANAStudio 606 in Northridge, California on the famous Sound City mixing board, which was the central focus of Grohl's acclaimed "Sound City: Real To Reel" documentary.

In a brand new interview with "The Goddamn Dave Hill Show"Mullin revealed some of the names that are going to be involved with the project

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During a recent interview with Rock Revolt Magazine, SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor was asked about the band's recent split with drummer Joey Jordison and how Joey's exit will change the group's sound on its next album.

"Honestly, it depends on who we get ," Taylor said (see video below).

Regarding whether SLIPKNOT has any candidates in mind as a possible replacement for Jordison, Taylor said: "A few people." He added: "As soon as we know , the fans will know. And that's how we're keeping it. We're keeping everything really close to the chest right now. I mean, it's out of respect for Joey, and for us. And there's just a host of legal things that we still need to sort out. It's hard - it's really hard - but the only other was shutting the band down, and none of us wanted to do that. So we're gonna push on."

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Singer Corey Taylor #8 is turning his full attention to his other band, SLIPKNOT. With Jim Root, guitarist for both groups, back in Los Angeles writing and demoing material, Corey told The Pulse Of Radio where things stand for the long-awaited record. "Me and Jim have been writing a lot of stuff, and it's really starting to kind of shape up really… I mean, we've got a nice chunk, and now we just kind of need to, you know, shape everything to that SLIPKNOT point of view, that SLIPKNOT way, that SLIPKNOT sound."

He added: "There's an excitement that we haven't felt in a while."

The new SLIPKNOT album will be its first since 2008's "All Hope Is Gone" and the first since the 2010 death of bassist Paul Gray and the recent dismissal of drummer Joey Jordison.

Jim Root told The Pulse Of Radio late last year - before the news about Joey Jordison broke - that he was feeling the urgency to make a new SLIPKNOT album. "You know, we haven't done a record since Paul's been gone and it's been pushing six years. And there's a lot of people in SLIPKNOT and a lot of fans and me myself kind of feel like it's time for that hurdle to be overcome. And for me, that's really like my number one priority and the most important thing for me right now."

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Happy Birthday Sid Wilson

posted on 20 Jan 2014

Happy Birthday SID from everyone at Slipknot Metal and from Maggots around the world

Random Blurb
Sidney George Wilson (born January 20, 1977) also known as Ratboy or DJ Starscream, #0 (or 0), is an American disc jockey known as the turntablist of the Grammy Award winning band Slipknot. Age 37, he is the youngest member of the band.

Random Sid Quotes
Wearing this mask prevents the oxygen from going to my skull. I get hallucinations and stuff. Half the time, I don't know what's going on around me. Its up to the clown to intimidate me and keep me in line. 

I'm at war with myself on stage. Sometimes it scares me.



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