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A fan’s theory that Slipknot had enlisted Lamb Of God‘s Chris Adler to handle the drumming on their new album gained traction around the net this week. This was based solely on the perceived similarities in playing styles that were featured on the bands new track, “The Negative One“. have since put the question to Adler himself, who offered:

"Right now I think silence is golden. Right now I don’t think those guys need me, or need me talking about it. You know, I listened to it and I thought it sounded a little bit like me, too. At the moment, I just don’t recall doing it. I’m getting texts and emails and phone calls about it. for the moment, I don’t know anything about it.”

Slipknot have yet to announce an official replacement for ousted drummer Joey Jordison. Current plans have them releasing their new album in October with a new single from it titled “The Devil In I” to emerge in the coming weeks.

lam of god drummer vol 5 rumor
Posted on 25 Aug 2014 by ash

On SLIPKNOT's touring plans:

Starting in October, there'll be a couple of months of touring, mainly in the U.S. and shooting over to do those two Knotfests in Japan. And then break, obviously, for the holidays. And then next year, we're gonna start slowly moving out to the rest of the world, basically. I know we're eyeing Europe and the U.K., we're definitely looking at Australia, we're looking at South America, Canada… It's basically just the blueprint for the world, basically… There's Southeast Asia…. I mean, there's so much that we wanna do. Once we get that hammered out, we'll immediately get it up and we'll make sure that everybody knows about it."

On a possible release date for the new SLIPKNOT album:

"I'm not sure what the definite date is. I know we're shooting for October. Because we wanna release it right around the time the Knotfest shows happen, so everyone can have it. We've got pretty much all the artwork done, which Shawn did a hell of a job on. We're getting ready… probably in the next couple of weeks, we're gonna shoot a video for the first official single, which is called 'The Devil In I'. So we're gonna shoot a video for that. that's about all I know right now. 'Cause we're still finishing mixes. We've still got a couple of songs left that need final mixes, then it'll go to mastering, and everything will just start kind of coming together, and with a more stable, final release date, and as soon as we know that, the world will know."

In the meantime, the band released a digital single for “The Negative One” today, August 05th through iTunes.
the devil in i



corey taylor vol 5
Posted on 25 Aug 2014 by ash

SLIPKNOT have officially released the cover for the brand new single, The Devil In I. More details soon!

the devil in i cover art

devil in i artwork vol 5
Posted on 12 Aug 2014 by ash

There’s more Slipknot material to come in the not too distant future. Vocalist Corey Taylor was interviewed on the ‘BBC Radio 1 Rock Show‘ last night and spoke a lot on the bands forthcoming plans. He mentioned that they are eyeing an October release for their new album right around ‘Knotfest‘ and are currently finishing up the mixes for it.

Percussionist M. Shawn Crahan handled the artwork for the release while a new single titled “Devil In I” will have a video for it shot and released in the coming weeks. Touring plans this year include the US and Japan with world touring to commence in early 2015.

Speaking on “The Negative One” and the new album, Taylor offered:

“People don’t know what to expect from us and that’s kinda the way we like it. the great thing is that—I was telling this to somebody the other day—”The Negative One” isn’t our single. That was just a gift for the fans, like we wanted them to hear a piece of the album. The single comes out in a few weeks and it’s completely different. It’s more melodic, but it’s dark, it’s powerful man, its something different, people are going to lose their minds when they hear that.”

He later continued to discuss the track:

“It’s got the spirit. The thing I love is that everyone’s reactions are very, very similar. They love the fact that there’s new Slipknot out. They also love the fact that it feels like old school meets new school. Like you can feel the original craziness of the early stuff but you can tell that the evolution has happened. And that’s kind of what we were shooting for, ya know? Remember I said I wanted the album to feel like a cross between “Iowa” and “Vol. 3” and I think we did that. Wait till you hear the whole album, because this story is so deep and so honest and so crazy that people are going to lose their minds when they hear it.”

Taylor also addressed the skepticism the band faced after the passing of bassist Paul Gray and the departure of drummer Joey Jordison from the lineup. While replacements have yet to be announced,Taylor offered:

“It’s kind of the double-edged sword of word of mouth isn’t it? One of the best and worst things that you can have is people talking about your band. They’re gonna talk about all the great things, but at the same time speculation can become “fact” over time.

It’s… ya know, certain people are the ones who are described as the ‘main songwriters’ or this guy started the band or that guy started the band. To the point where people forget the truth. They forget what the facts are. So this is kind of a great way for us to basically just shut everyone up, get everyone excited, and to get them talking about positive things now with the band. It’s been a hell of a ride. This last four years have been insane. Whether it’s losing Paul or parting ways with Joe, bands have gone through it before, other bands besides us. It’s one of those occasions where you either rise to the occasion or fall by the wayside and I think we all pulled together and we rose the occasion.”

In the meantime, the band released a digital single for “The Negative One” today, August 5th through iTunes

vol 5 joey jordison corey taylor 2014
Posted on 08 Aug 2014 by ash

Slipknot have now released the following video for their new track “The Negative One“. A digital single for the song was also released today. The music video can be seen below and appears to be the source of the various teasers the band have launched over the past few weeks.

Directed by Mr Shawn Crahan (Clown)
come back on AUGUST 12th for a 'Special Annoucement'

Track is available to buy on iTunes

the negative one negative one lyrics vol 5 music video
Posted on 08 Aug 2014 by ash

(Verse 1)
Fire and caffeine, a lot of nicotine
I’m on a burn, so I better tell you everything
The competition, the superstition
Nevermind ‘cause you’re never gonna give in
If acquired and that's how you like it
The same trouble in a different disguise
Bound to walk with a target on my back
At least I’m ready for another attack

(Chorus 1)
The Lord of lies
The morning star
You had to be set free
Opposing sides
Your choices are
The negative one and me

(Verse 2)
Svengali, wail with the enemies
I never follow and I never make apologies
Your divisions, are gonna get ya
Because you won't disappoint each other
Center for the cynical, you're so political
You’re getting ready ‘cause the first move is critical
Reciprocity, somebody's listening
Until we learn from our time we can never die

(Chorus 2)
The Lord of lies
The morning star
You had to be set free
Opposing sides
Your choices are
The negative one and me
The negative one and me

I hope you live
To see the day
When your world comes up in flames
And as you die
You see my face
You're the only one to blame
(Fuck) (Bridge)
The Prescient, the Nascent
The quotient (They all will fall)
The Cystic, symbolic, condition (Systemic)
Egregious, replete with
These lesions (Contaminate)
Succumb to the selfish
Creation (Your failure)

(Verse 3)
Know I got ability, divisibility
I point a finger but it’s always looking back at me
The centerpiece pulling on the mechanism
Unearthing skies of the cataclysm
When the innocent begin to circumvent
The color fades, but the picture is vibrant
What do you believe, doesn't matter now
Turn away, the killer is that of now

(Chorus 2) + (Refrain) + (Chorus 2)

The negative one
The negative one
The negative one
The negative one and me
The negative one and me
The negative one and me
And me

Track is available to buy on iTunes

the negative one negative one lyrics vol 5
Posted on 08 Aug 2014 by ash

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