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Slipknot Top The Billboard Charts With “.5: The Gray Chapter”

Posted on: 29 Oct 2014

Slipknot‘s first album since 2008 , “.5: The Gray Chapter“, has again seen them top the billboard charts. The group are presently #1 with around 132,000 copies sold during the albums first week of sales. Those who attended the groups ‘Knotfest‘ festival this past weekend likely played a good role in the bands success as various tickets came with a digital copy of the album. Slipknot last topped the charts with their 2008 release, “All Hope Is Gone“, selling around 240,000 copies.

by Bryan @ 27 Jan 2021 01:16 am
Not bad really. 135,000 now is over half of the 240,000 copies of AHIG in 08 when probably less than half of the people that download now, downloaded then. I love the new album. Has a bit of everything from Iowa type stuff to AHIG stuff.
by PilatMt @ 27 Jan 2021 01:16 am
I loved your article post. Want more.
by Shubham @ 27 Jan 2021 01:16 am
You guys are god of music. #I_Love_You_Slipknot
by Nick @ 27 Jan 2021 01:16 am
The Gods of metal has returned to take back their throne!!!! The new album is the best since "Iowa". I think it has a mix of everything throughout their glorious career. Thanks to Slipknot for not giving up and continuing on....though it was hard I think no, I know Paul is very happy with the outcome!! RIP Paul Gray, you are sorely missed!!!!
by фифа 14 не создается турнир @ 27 Jan 2021 01:16 am
the best time to make some plans for the future and it's

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