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SLIPKNOT Rumored To Have Recruited Former MADBALL And AGAINST ME! Drummer JAY WEINBERG

SLIPKNOT is rumored to have recruited former MADBALL and AGAINST ME! drummer Jay Weinberg to assist them during the sessions for the band's new studio album following last year's departure of Joey Jordison.

Weinberg - the 23-year-old son of Max Weinberg (BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E STREET BAND) - was most recently a member of AGAINST ME!, having played with the Florida-based act from November 2010 until December 2012.

Weinberg joined AGAINST ME! shortly after he was ousted from MADBALL and following the departure of AGAINST ME!'s previous sticksman, George Rebelo.

In May 2013, Weinberg filled in for KVELERTAK drummer Kjetil Gjermundrod during the band's North American tour because Gjermundrod had to bow out of the run after experiencing significant pain in his arm.

SLIPKNOT announced in December 2013 that it had parted ways with Jordison, one of the band's founding members and key songwriters. The group posted a statement at its web site which read, "It is with great pain but quiet respect that, for personal reasons, Joey Jordison and SLIPKNOT are parting ways. We all wish Joey the best in whatever his future holds. We understand that many of you will want to know how and why this has come to be, and we will do our best to respond to these questions in the near future."

The statement added, "It is our love for all of you, as well as for the music we create, that spurs us to continue on and move forward with our plans for releasing new material in the next year. We hope that all of you will come to understand this, and we appreciate your continued support while we plan the next phase of the future of SLIPKNOT."

SLIPKNOT has not disclosed the reasons for Jordison's exit, although the drummer issued a statement in January saying that he did not quit the band.

SLIPKNOT's forthcoming CD will be the band's first since the 2010 death of bassist Paul Gray.


Corey Taylor recently spoke to Jay Nanda of the San Antonio Metal Music Examiner about the SLIPKNOT/STONE SOUR frontman's involvement in "This Is Your Life", the tribute to album to legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio.

ronni james this is your life

Asked why he chose to record a cover version of the DIO classic "Rainbow In The Dark", Taylor said: "That was just one of my favorites." He added: "It's hard to pick a favorite DIO track. Not only his solo stuff, but his stuff with [BLACK] SABBATH, RAINBOW. He's a legend for a reason. But 'Rainbow In The Dark' has always been one of my favorites. I can remember seeing the video when I was younger on MTV, coming home from school, and here was this new format for music. And out of the handful of videos, 'Rainbow In The Dark' was the first video that I saw from DIO, and I was like, 'Wow!' I just loved the track. That's always stuck with me over the years. I don't know if it's because it's a great blend of hard rock and heavy metal or just because it's a really well-written song. It's got a great hook on it. Ronnie's performance is sick. Vivian's [Campbell] solo is ridiculous. It's just a killer song top to bottom."

Regarding the recording process for his version of "Rainbow In The Dark", Taylor said: "Oh man, I've been singing along to this thing for years. Even after I hit puberty and I couldn't hit some of those notes anymore. [Laughs] It's just one of those things where you never know.

"I can remember miming in my basement, singing along to songs at my grandma's house. And that was one of those tunes, giving it all you've got.

"The only way that I know how to approach music is with everything. It's the whole reason that I do music.

"If I was going to go out and do it half-assed, I wouldn't be doing it. So being a fan of Ronnie, being a fan of that song, and knowing that there's a real legacy there as far as his performance, his music, there was no way I wasn't going to give it anything other than a thousand percent. Not only from the standpoint of it's an amazing song, but the respect of the music and the utmost respect that I have for Ronnie."

On the topic of how he got involved with the "This Is Your Life" tribute album in the first place, Taylor said: "It was kind of funny, man. I was working on some demos with my friend Jay Ruston, who is a producer and a mixer. He mixed [STONE SOUR's] 'House Of Gold And Bones' albums. He did 'Worship Music' with ANTHRAX. The guy's done a lot. We were at his house, and he was involved with the project. And he told me, 'Look, [Ronnie's wife and longtime manager] Wendy [Dio] has a short list of people that she would love to be involved, and you're on it.' I was like, 'Duh. Where? Sign me up.' It was really as easy as that. She reached out to me and my wife to see scheduling and availability, and I was like, 'You don't worry about that. I will take care of that. We will take care of that. Just give us the deadline, and we will have it in two weeks before that.'

"[Wendy] is just such a wonderful person. I've been able to meet her at several events before and after Ronnie's passing, and she is just a wonderfully sweet, awesome woman who is also very protective of her husband's legacy. Just the fact she would want me to be a part of this, I was really, really honored."

Asked what struck him the most about Ronnie James Dio as a vocalist and person, Taylor said: "It was an ease with which he approached it that belied what you were hearing and what you were seeing.

"I've heard stories from people who I've talked to since Ronnie passed that told me he really only had one warmup. He'd be smoking cigarettes right until he got on stage, and then he would just basically sing a note and be like, 'Alright, we're good to go.' It just makes you crazy as a vocalist: 'Really? Really?' I think that's one of the reasons his music is still so vibrant to this day. Everything up until the stuff that he released before he died, there was a power there. And there was a great blend of virtuosity and soul that you really don't get a lot of these days. You're either good at one or good at the other. But he had such a great blend of talent and vibe as far as what he was saying, how he was saying it, and how he did it live. That's a very rare, rare occurrence, and only the real legends have that."

SLIPKNOT's KNOTFEST JAPAN: More Details Revealed

Following the success of 2013's first-ever Ozzfest Japan, Japanese promoter Hayashi International Promotion (H.I.P.) has partnered with SLIPKNOT and 5B Artist Management for the 2014 debut of Knotfest Japan. Set for November 15 and November 16 at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Knotfest Japan will feature SLIPKNOT who performed at last year's Ozzfest, which drew capacity crowds and wide critical acclaim. The two-day music festival, headlined by SLIPKNOT on both days, will feature a mix of more than 20 international and Japanese bands.

slipknot knotfest japan

As with their previous Knotfest's, SLIPKNOT will not only serve as the headliners for Knotfest Japan, but they will be involved in every aspect of the event. Beyond curating the music and on-site activities at Knotfest Japan, SLIPKNOT will also bring much of what U.S. audiences saw at the band's previous Knotfest shows: festival grounds that feature an apocalyptic underworld where nightmarish creatures on stilts, percussive light and stunning visuals set the stage for an intoxicating and unforgettably sinister concert experience. In addition, festival-goers will have the opportunity to visit a SLIPKNOT museum with set pieces and memorabilia from throughout the bands career.

"Our Japanese fans have always meant so much to us and I'm excited to bring Knotfest to Japan!" says Shawn "Clown" Chrahan of SLIPKNOT. "Knotfest is an event that includes the culture of SLIPKNOT and the culture of Japan and is a celebration of rock n' roll and everything it creates. It is an honor to be able to share and enjoy our festival with Japan, the Japanese people, our fans, and all the wonderful Japanese bands and all the other bands who will be playing with us. Arigato. We will be seeing you very soon. Stay (sic)."

H.I.P. Promoter Kaori Hayashi adds: "SLIPKNOT is one of the most celebrated American bands in Japan drawing huge numbers of fans with each performance because they intuitively understand and appreciate the culture. We are excited to partner with them for this historic event - sure to become a staple in Japan for rock fans year after year."

"Knotfest is taking the traditional music festival to the next level and engaging all of your senses," says Cory Brennan, President, 5B Artist Management. "It's taking the band's unique vision and bringing it to life and celebrating the best in rock music and the pulse that it creates."

Ticket prices for Knotfest Japan are as follows: single-day general admission tickets are ¥14,000; single-day general admission tickets including a commemorative shirt are ¥17,000; weekend passes are ¥27,000; weekend passes including a commemorative t-shirt are ¥30,000. VIP weekend upgrades are also available, additional details of which will be revealed in the coming months. All prices include consumption tax, box office commission and ticket printing fees.

For the latest information or to purchase tickets for Knotfest Japan, go to this location.

Slipknot to HEADLINE Knotfest Japan

IOWA, USA based hard rockers SLIPKNOT have confirmed to headline KNOT FEST JAPAN, set to take place  11/15 and 16th, 2014 TOKYO, JAPAN.

COREY TAYLOR Talks About Appearance In 'Fear Clinic' Movie

Corey Taylor was interviewed by Artisan News at this past Monday's (March 17) exclusive VIP listening party for the Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your Life" and awards gala at the Avalon in Hollywood, California. Check out the chat below.

As previously reported, Taylor shows up briefly in the first trailer for "Fear Clinic", an upcoming horror film in which Taylor makes his acting debut. The film stars Robert Englund, best known as Freddy Krueger in "A Nightmare On Elm Street", as Dr. Andover, a doctor who treats patients afflicted with crippling phobias by inducing hallucinations inside an invention he calls the Fear Chamber.
Taylor told The Pulse Of Radio what it was like to work with a horror icon like Englund. "One of the coolest dudes I've ever met," he said. "You know, we were sitting in the makeup trailer and he's telling me stories from the '80s of being at the Rainbow with GUNS N' ROSES and I'm like, 'Please tell me more!' You know? Sweetest dude I've ever met, super fun, super awesome and we had a really good time like making that stuff. And I had a handful of scenes with him and I, I had a really good time."

In the film, Taylor will play a clinic employee named Bauer who struggles to keep things under control when all hell breaks loose. The movie will center around one traumatic event that induces phobias in a group of different people.

Also appearing in the movie, which began life in 2009 as a five-episode series for the web site, is Lucas Till from "X-Men: First Class", Danielle Harris of "Halloween 4" fame and Kane Hodder, best known for playing Jason in several of the "Friday The 13th" movies.

There is no word yet on a release date for the film, although producers are aiming for Halloween 2014.

The Monster Energy Roast On The Range With Corey Taylor

The Monster Energy Roast On The Range With Corey Taylor is set for Thursday, May 15 at LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio. Honoring and lampooning SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR vocalist Corey Taylor will be nearly a dozen musicians and comedians, led by Roastmaster Sebastian Bach. The third annual event in Revolver and Guitar World's Rock & Roll Roast Comedy Series — and first to be held in the heartland — launches the weekend-long festivities for Rock On The Range (May 16-18), which last year drew rock fans from around the country to Columbus Crew Stadium with over 105,000 tickets sold.

Joining Sebastian Bach on the dais to take aim at Taylor will be an all-star group of musicians and comedians, including Jim Florentine, Don Jamieson, Craig Gass, Brian Posehn, Taylor's SLIPKNOT bandmate M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan, Scott Ian, Pearl Aday, and actor/comedian Finesse Mitchell. Jose Mangin (of SiriusXM and "Headbangers Ball" fame) will also be on hand to serve as the evening's official DJ and emcee.

Tickets for the Monster Energy Roast On The Range With Corey Taylor are on sale now starting at $75 (plus fees) at LC Pavilion, all Ticketmaster outlets and online at General admission and balcony seating are available. Doors for the May 15 event will open at 8:30 p.m., and the Roast begins at 9:00 p.m.

"Honestly, I don't know what to say. I'm a little nervous, a little excited, and of course a little gassy. But that could just be the excitement," says Taylor. "I'm really looking forward to it, but knowing my friends and the possibilities for who could be a part of this, I have no idea what I'm getting into!"

In a career now spanning 15 years, Corey Taylor has enjoyed chart-topping success, both with his face masked for Grammy-winning metal powerhousesSLIPKNOT and his soul bared for multiple Grammy nominees STONE SOUR. Taylor has authored a pair of best-selling books ("Seven Deadly Sins" and "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven"), and makes his acting debut later this year alongside horror icon Robert Englund in Anchor Bay's "Fear Clinic". That impressive and varied resume only provides more fodder for the Roasters to devour, though.

Roastmaster Sebastian Bach says: "I really look forward to roasting my good buddy Corey Taylor in Columbus, Ohio this May. Corey is right now following my lead becoming the brand-new pretty boy frontman of heavy metal. Oh wait… he's wearing a mask. See you soon!"

"After an incredible launch for our Comedy Tent last year, we are excited that Revolver and Guitar World are bringing their Roast brand to Rock On The Range as we extend the experience another day," says Danny Wimmer, co-executive producer of Rock On The Range for Danny Wimmer Presents.

"Corey Taylor has been waving the rock flag higher than anyone has over the past decade. What better way to honor one of rock's biggest stars than to make him uncomfortable on stage?”

A portion of the proceeds from the Monster Energy Roast On The Range With Corey Taylor will benefit MusiCares, a nonprofit organization founded by The Recording Academy to provide a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need, including emergency financial and medical assistance, addiction recovery services, and more.

Previous honorees in the Rock & Roll Roast Comedy Series include Zakk Wylde (2012) and Dee Snider (2013).

For more information, visit

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