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Slipknot web tease campaign is their ‘foreplay’
A Closer Look At Slipknot’s New Bassist
Slipknot reveal Music Video for 'The Devil In I'
Slipknot Release Teaser For “The Devil In I” Music Video

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Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor believes the band have delivered a perfect act of “foreplay” in the online campaign leading up to the release of 5. The Gray Chapter.

They blacked out their website and social media channels earlier this year before returning with a run of teaser clips over the summer. Lead track The Negative One was accompanied by a video featuring none of the band, then fans were alerted that the promo for lead single The Devil In I would reveal the members’ new masks.

Taylor tells WAAF: “How this band built its foundation was street level, word of mouth, people talking about us, That’s really just what the internet is. We’ve learned how to use these tools - we’ve been able to take an old-school approach with mystique, anticipation and excitement, which I think is a lost art. People are more prone to just throw up onto the internet: ‘There you go, there is is, and let’s pray to God it’s a hit.’ We love the foreplay of it. We love building that up and just getting it to that fever pitch just before it's about to explode, and then giving the audience every ounce of payoff it deserves.”  

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It looks as though the hand tattoos of Slipknot‘s new bassist may have outted him. As MetalChapel have noticed, the tattoos look extremely similar to that of Alessandro ‘Vman’ Venturella, guitarist for Krokodil and guitar tech for Mastodon‘s Brent Hinds. A closer look at Venturella.

Alesandro 'Vman' Venturella

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Here it is! Slipknot have just released their new music video for ‘The Devil In I,’ and it could be the most interesting and bizarre clip of Slipknot’s career. Moreover, it reveals the band’s brand new masks!

The Devil In I’ was recently released as Slipknot’s first official single from their fifth studio album, ‘.5: The Gray Chapter,’ although the track ‘The Negative One‘ was unleashed prior as a special treat. Fans have been going nuts for the new Slipknot material, and now there’s a brand new video to sink our teeth into.

Slipknot teased their new masks in a recent tour promo, but ‘The Devil In I’ offers a full reveal of the new masks. Slipknot’s new bassist and drummer both wear the same mask, as first mentioned by vocalist Corey Taylor to Full Metal Jackie during an exclusive interview. While most of the members’ masks have subtle changes, Corey Taylor’s mask receives the largest change, as it is much more form-fitting than his previous mask, with a peel away “skin” and more exposure for his mouth.

‘The Devil In I’ is set in a loft-meets-insane asylum, where each member of Slipknot meets his own destruction. There’s a lot happening throughout the six-minute video, which feels like it could be an elongated intro for ‘American Horror Story.’

.5: The Gray Chapter is due to be released worldwide on October 21 2014.

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Slipknot will launch an official music video for their current single “The Devil In I” tomorrow (September 12th) morning. The clip will launch at 9am EDT/6am PDT and the following teaser for it has been put out in advance. You can find an audio stream of that track for now at this location. The bands new album “.5: The Gray Chapter” is due October 21st through Roadrunner Records.

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